Upgrades and versions

This is probably answered somewhere else but i cant find it…im a long time ropieee (standard not XL) user on RPI 3B and want to upgrade to an RPI4. I know they early versions of the RPI4 image were separate, but is this now the case ? Can only see a single image on the Ropieee site. So if my version is up to date is it interchangeable to the pi 4 model ?

It’s the same software. I don’t know if installing the SD card in your RPi makes any changes specific to one or the other or not. If so, just download the free software again.

Cheers Jim - just didn’t want to have to reflash if i didn’t need to

I edited while your were posting.

Ah ! Thanks

You need to reflash. Although it’s a single image, it downloads board specific stuff during install.



Thanks Harry - I had a sneaking suspicion…