Upgrades to the Roon/Qobuz experience?

I am still on my trial period for Roon…at the same time I just started listening to Qobuz (switched over from Tidal (poor sound quality) and Amazon Music (Loved but no roon integration).

I have to say I am flabbergasted at how poor the Qobuz integration is in Roon.
The other day I added a song as a favorite, and suddenly all the “top tracks” disappeared. After a lot of research I found this is common and they are “fixing it”.

So I said… I will remove that track as favorite… took me a bit to figure out how to do that.

I am hoping this update (mentioned in a thread concerning the missing top tracks) is coming soon… any information here?

Not sure why Tidal has poor sound quality for you, it sounds amazing here. I have been listening to Van Morrison live all afternoon and it’s been great.

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The opinion of the majority of people who have used both Tidal & Qobuz is that 16 bit content (with identical mastering)sounds pretty much identical on either platform.

That’s my finding as well.

Of course, you may specifically be referring to hi-res & MQA which is very much an ongoing (and acrimonious) debate…

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I apologize… when I said Tidal up top… I actually meant Spotify… I have never used Tidal… not sure why I put it in my post…

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in regards to sound quality… What I have discovered is that some tracks on Spotify sounded MUCH worse than the same track on either Qobuz or Amazon music (all referring to the premium/Hidef versions)… Apparently what I am learning is that they use different masters and while some (many) songs sound the same… several songs I have come across on Spotify are noticeably worse… so I switched.

I am hoping Roon will update how the top tracks feature works… this is real bad.

In the case of Spotify, it is not just a case of worrying about potential mastering differences on source material. Spotify does not (yet at least) provide lossless CD quality streaming. It only offers lossy MP3s.

Now some of these MP3s can sound pretty good on some digital streamers/DACs, but by & large quality will not match that of any of the other ‘big’ players such as Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and even the more expensive subscription offerings from Amazon.

That explains it, easy mistype.