Upgrading from a QNAP TS-410 NAS - Options?


I’m thinking of upgrading my 4 bay QNAP TS-410. It’s about 7 years old and a little long in the tooth.

What’s the best way to go? I have about 3TB music and 3TB films so 6GB in total.

Is a NAS still the best option? My Mac with Roon Core isn’t in my Hifi room so noise isn’t an issue. Would a Thunderbolt hard drive offer better results?


I have a 6 Bay QNAP 669-L and used to have a 410 like you. In your case I’d upgrade to whatever the cheapest qnap is with an intel processor that has the best number of bays. In my case it’s not really worth it. Basically the 410 doesn’t perform as well as others as a raw disk sharing machine, whereas the later models do. Mine isn’t grunty enough to do huge tasks, so I just run anything off an external server. It’s much cheaper that way for me.

But given the model you have, I’d just get the next thing up if it’s within budget. The smaller chips just don’t cut the mustard unfortunately. As a bonus, these new units should run roon quite happily (I haven’t checked if supported on QNAP though). Even mine would run roon.

Don’t get the new alpine chip.
Get at least 2GB RAM if you can.
Don’t get 2.5" drive version
Stick with QNAP brand as it will be simply a matter of swapping the disks and turning it on.
Something like the QNAP TS-451 2G would work.

Hope that helps.