Upgrading from annual to lifetime



I am considering upgrading my subscription to lifetime because I love the software. With that in mind, I do have two questions:

  1. Will I get that part of the money back for the annual subscription that I therefore shall not be using anymore?

  2. In the (hopefully unlikely) case that Roon ceises to exist, will it be possible to get some money back? For example: Roon goes out of business in 2 years, would it be possible to then get the difference between the lifelong membership and what 2 years of annual membership would have been?

Sorry for these pesky money questions but I feel its important to get some clarity before deciding.

Thanks and all the best

(Brian) #2

Qn 1. Yes.
Qn 2. You must be joking! Seriously, if Roon go out of business Danny has said a final release would be issued.
(What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold?)

(Henry) #3

Hi, if you email them after you upgrade the balance of your annual subscription should be refunded. If the company fails there will be a final update released that should leave those with subscriptions with working software in perpetuity. Nice word! I doubt if they failed they would have the means to refund.


Why would I be joking? I am thankful by the link which I had not seen before, but I feel it is a valid question if you consider spending 500 Euro on software by a brilliant, yet small and relatively new company. And I am irritated by the implied tone of your message.


Thanks, that was very helpful Henry!

(Brian) #6

I apologise. It was meant to be tongue in cheek, hence my “seriously” reference.
Nevertheless, I am sorry.


I am sorry too, I read the tone of your message wrong. Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

(W K W) #8

QN1) The answer is NO.
At least I was not offered reducing my life time subscription by the year I already had paid. There was about half year between my one-year purchase and the life-time upgrade.


Oh, that would be a problem. I hope that somebody from the Roon side can clarify this.

(Geoff Coupe) #11

Do you mean (a) your annual subscription still had six months to run when you upgraded to lifetime, or do you mean (b) there was a gap of six months between the end of your annual subscription and the point at which you purchased a lifetime subscription?

If it’s (a), then I believe you should have had a six-month credit against the cost of the lifetime subscription. You should take this up with @kevin (the Roon subscriptions guy).

(Mr Fix It ) #12

Kevin would be the one to ask, but it’s a weekend so he might not be on guard over the weekend to pop a message here immediately.

One thing that I’m not sure about is if you don’t have a lifetime and the company shuts down what happens at the end of your year.

(Tony Reimann) #13

On question 1 what I did was upgrade to lifetime and then email roon advising them I had upgraded and still had part of a 1 year subscription unused. They then credited me the unused portion of the annual subscription.

(W K W) #14

I can’t find the first of my purchase receipts, but my lifetime membership was at the beginning of 2016. I remember having missed the three months or so of the annual membership that were to be refunded or discounted if buying a lifetime membership.
I bit the bullet because it’s such a useful software.

(Tony Reimann) #15

Why don’t you email a Roon? They will have records.

(W K W) #17

Do you think this makes sense?

I will contact them then.


I’m an annual subscriber and thought the final realease would be for everybody. Now you have me wondering.

Anyone know what would happen with annual subscribers if (heaven forbid) Roon goes under?

(Danny Dulai) #19

see here:

(kevin) #21

Hi @snow, in case it wasn’t clear – yes, we will issue a refund for any unused months remaining on your annual membership when you upgrade to the lifetime. It doesn’t happen automagically (yet), so just send us a message when you upgrade and we’ll issue the necessary refund.

Just responded to your email @WKW, thanks!


Thanks. :smiley:

(Mr Fix It ) #23

I guess the annual or lifetime is the same then.