Upgrading from annual to lifetime

(Graham) #24

Mail contact@roonlabs.com – I did and the current sub was offset.

(W K W) #25

Yes, I did already and the difference was refunded upon request. Not automatically though, when I purchased the life time thing 2 years ago.

(Tony Reimann) #26

It never has been an automatic thing, you have always had to mail them. Just be thankful the refund the difference and in your case 2 years after the fact :grinning:

(W K W) #27

I never complained and accepted the fact as it was, dear Tony.


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(Dan Heatherly) #29

Been thinking about the annual vs lifetime - especially in re: to some type of incentive to switch/upgrade once someone starts the annual route. Why not offer a discount to lifetime subscribers that is equal to one year of an annual subscription if they started with annual and then changed to lifetime. In other words - I buy into the yearly rate and spend the $119. 2 months (or 8 months) into my subscription - I can’t see myself without Roon - then lifetime costs me $380. If I stick around for 2 years at the $119 per - then decide to switch - still costs me $380. I doubt many people buy into 3+ years then decide to switch. But I bet a LOT of people would buy into 1 year if they knew their investment could be rolled into a lifetime in 1 year (or less).

Or not. Just a thought.


You’re late to the party. :laughing:

This has been asked/answered so many freaking times.
The answer is a big negatory.

However, if you are in some portion of a 1 year, your unused portion will be rebated when your buy a lifetime. Just be sure to ask.

(Peter Hafkamp) #31

My annual membership was going to expire in 2 days, so today I upgraded to lifetime.

(Tony Reimann) #32

Great decision!