Upgrading from NUC7i5 to NUC10i7

Question, can I just move my Samsung M.2 SSD into the new machine? Will it be recognized as the same core? Or would it be best to wipe it and start anew or just buy a new one?

Try it first…if it doesn’t work to pan you have your answer but I’m betting it will just work

Might need legacy boot settings tho.

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Umm… make sure you have a backup first :slight_smile: but yes agree, just give it a shot.

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Have you upgrade from NUC7i5 to NUC10i7 ?
Is it works directly or not ?



I have moved a drive hosting Ubuntu Linux loaded with Roon server between PC’s works no issues.
Should work.

Hi. I had a pcengines apu2e2 board to play with. I installed rock on a nuc then transfered that ssd to the pc engines, turned it on and it worked. I can even see all 3 nic on the web interface. I now use the pc engines as a bridge and the nuc as the logged in core. Works extremely well. Anyway moral of the story is yes, you can just move hard drives between machines like this.

As Linux is a little forgiving in this regard an unsupported LAN interface will not magically work on that build. if you can install run it OK then you should have been able to install it OK all along.

Ive run ROCK on many platforms and 90% of the time its good to go