Upgrading from Windows 7 help?

I am running a Windows 7 server with Roon Legacy. What version of Windows should I have installed?

Should I consider Roon Rock etc?

What are the steps to installing Roon 2.0 and reinstalling my music library making sure it transfers my playlists and favorites?


You should install the latest version (Windows 11) if your hardware supports it, otherwise Windows 10. Do a backup first to a location that will be accessible after the upgrade, upgrade, then do a restore.

Basically any other operating system. Windows 7 is a serious security risk today. Rock (Linux), Windows 10 or 11 are equally fine. Your Roon library, favs and edits you get back when you restore your new Core’s database from a backup which should happen on a regular basis today.

Edit: Marian was faster :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!