Upgrading to larger USB storage

It would be great to be able to refer to a definitive guide on installing a larger capacity EXTERNAL memory stick for my library on ROCK NUC. The current 32 Gb USB stick is fine but slowly reaching capacity. I don’t want to lose my existing data.
ROCK runs on a NUC7i3BNH with an INTERNAL SSD.
A step process please.
Many Thanks.

Do you mean replacing the M.2 SSD used for the os and db or an actual memory stick? What size ssd/memory stick do you currently have, ROCK os and db take up very little space, I have a large library and only use around 16gb.

Hello. The external USB memory stick. Currently 32 Gb.

Ok, can you list your NUC model and can you confirm what you are running on this memory stick? USB memory sticks are great for moving data around but I would not rely on one to run Roon if that is what you are doing.

Hello I’ve edited the original post for clarity. This is simply a request for a process to install a larger exFAT USB stick to run a larger library. Apologies for any confusion.

Ok, no problem, buy a USB hard drive, they are cheap and a much better option than a USB memory stick.

Yes but it’s the process of doing that …

Do you have lots of playlists or tidal albums you have added, or is your worry just about losing your music?

As Ratbert says, a USB hard drive is a much better option for storing your music collection.

  1. Plug it into the ROCK NUC alongside your existing USB stick.
  2. Use Windows Explorer or the Mac finder to copy your collection from the USB stick across to the USB hard drive.
  3. Follow the steps here to tell Roon where the music library now resides.

Perfect! Just the response I was looking for.
Many Thanks.

Any USB hard drive recommendations?

WD Passport has always worked well for me.

All done. Thank you team.