Upload logs for analysis

Finally got round to grabbing a log file,hopefully including my ten ‘stuck’ files that have never managed to get analysed after all this time.

Could I please upload somewhere (preferably not where the sun don’t shine) for someone to take a look to see if can clear it? Not really sure what I’m looking for…

Hey @hifi_swlon – so you’re seeing 10 files left for analysis and it’s spinning forever? What happens if you turn analysis off and on again?

Let me know what happens and I can PM you some instructions for getting the logs over to us. Thanks!

Hi @mike

No, the amount of files that were stuck slowly crept down over the period Ive been using Roon (months), due to restarts etc, and finally seems to have stabilised at 10. It always says analysing 1/10 now, but never gets past it. I’m guessing these 10 are the issue, yet in the logs there seem to be errors for more than 10 files, so I’m not sure whats what.

Hi @hifi_swlon,

You can share your logs using the instruction which was sent to you via PM.

Thank you in advance.