UPnP not working since last update

Hi. I have a new problem and wondered if anyone else is affected. I have been able to play to 3 RPi4s with Ropieee installed from my Mac and iPhone via UPnP for about a year now without any problems (using Audirvana on the iMac and mConnect on my iPhone). Since the last Ropieee update all of the RPi4s are missing from those devices, ie none of them show as an endpoint to play to any more. I can access Ropieee on all of them via the web interface so they are visible on the network, and I have not changed any of the settings within Ropieee.

Try the openhome setting.

Do you mean turn it off? It is toggled on in the settings of all 3 - always has been.

Try it out.

Thank you @spockfish that seems to work. I’ve tried it on one of them and it has appeared as an end point so I’ll do all the others.

In the past when OpenHome was enabled the ‘regular’ UPnP endpoints where also there. That confused some renderers so that’s resolved now. However, your endpoint does not understand OpenHome so you now need to disable it.

All of them have reappeared now. That’s great thank you.