Upsampling article wanted - short and comprehensible

Anyone know of an article on upsampling and why one might use it that doesn’t immediately dive into math or the discussion of Fourier transforms?
I don’t use it but I’m on holiday in the house for a week in a few days so have time to experiment.

I think that the KB-article DSP Engine: Sample Rate Conversion is like that, isn’t it?

Trying it out and hear if it makes a difference in your system sounds like a plan to me. :grinning:

As a side note: IMHO, people who up-sample to DSD do it primarily for the format conversion and not necessarily to increase the sample rate.

I’m staying away from DSD that’s a whole new area I have no clue about. TBH I’m only going to play with upsampling so I am informed and have tried it. Not going down the Dreadfully Steep Descent :slight_smile::slight_smile:

How many DACs do you have to play with?

Below is a link to a cool post, with very pretty pictures!

Before any jumps in and says many DACs are already upsampling, Jussi adds a comment about this in his final paragraph.

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Thank You.

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Proper DACs. Naim Atom and Topping D10.
Got phones, sonos, iPad and Android DAP too.

Naim are no slouches, and Topping make excellent devices for the money so I suspect you won’t get the typically audiophile night and day differences!

No worries. When you can get your head around that, the next question is how can these ultrasonic (>> 20kHz) ‘images’ affect anything in the audio band… Some discussion on that here:

RME ( even chime in on that thread.

To be honest I’m very happy with the sound of my systems so I’m not after improving them.
But there are lots of threads on upsampling and I thought I should at least try and see so I understand the basics.
Actually I think I understand the basics, but best to check :slight_smile:

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This is one of the reasons I like Meridian as they have very good up sampling and Apodising as standard and I don’t have to think about any of this stuff. I just hit play and I’m done.

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There is never something that couldn’t be improved… :wink:

What started you developing HQ Player?

That may be true, and probably is but I’m in a great place right now, so I just enjoy music.
It’s got to be viable and cost effective.

I was making DACs for myself since early 90’s. I also had bunch of DSP algorithms for other things. When creating the DACs and checking reviews of commercial DACs, I knew I could do better digital filters in computer software. And much cheaper with more flexibility, because I anyway already had the computers for other things. First versions of HQPlayer were upsampling CD + MP3 player, but at some point (after about 10 years :smiley: ) I realized that maybe someone else would like to use it too.

Computing power in computers has been growing a lot in the past 25 years and so have the software algorithms too, to make use of what is possible.

That’s why I like doing things in software… :wink: