Upsampling leads to white noise with Squeezebox streaming

I’m listening to an album via TIDAL that is encoded as 22.05kHz AAC. Roon is upsampling for streaming to my Transporter.

I get about a minute or so of music, before it switches to white noise for the rest of the track. If I track forward the same pattern repeats

I wonder if any sort of Roon processing causes this behaviour with Squeezebox becuase the other day I had a local copy of an album which for some reason Roon applied Replay Gain levelling to (even though I don’t have it turned on!) and it exhibited the same behaviour, albeit the music buffer was even shorter before moving into white noise.

So, could any kind of stream manipulation be causing this behaviour? This also happened pre latest build, btw.

I have never seen half of 44.1 kHz standardized as a sample rate. What kind of Tidal stream is this?


There are a few albums knocking about on TIDAL that aren’t encoded in lossless FLAC. This is one of them.

No, the lossy AAC encoding is not the odd part. It is the sample rate. That still should be 44.1 kHz.


I’ve seen one or two of these on Tidal at this sample rate. When I realized it I was able to find full a full cd resilotuon version on tidal and swapped to that. I can’t remember what they are now thigunto help track this down.

You have no way of knowing this you have added it to your library and are playing the file though.

Here’s an example of a 24kHz sampled song on Tidal:

Tedeschi Trucks Band: Darling Be Home Soon (Live)

Roon appears to upsample it to 48kHz

This baffled me. Still does.

Thanks guys, I don’t really want to get bogged down with how some of TIDAL’s material is encoded, since it plays OK through my PC speakers using RAAT.

There just seems to be a problem with the stream that Roon eventually outputs to Squeezebox in these scenarios and that’s what I’d like the support team to take a look at.

Hi @anon55914447 ----- Thank you for the report. I wanted to touch base with you as we are going to look into trying to reproduce this behavior in house. Once we’ve had a chance to investigate a bit further I will follow back up with our thoughts/findings. We appreciate your patience.


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Hi @anon55914447 ----- Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the slow response. May I kindly ask you verify the following:

  1. What is running your Roon core?

  2. Can you confirm that this behavior is reproducible with Tedeschi Trucks Band: Darling Be Home Soon (Live)?


Hi Eric

Core is running on Linux (QNAP TS-451). I’ll test the track tomorrow evening as I’m away with work right now.

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Hi Eric, this track is encoded as lossless FLAC in my locality :grinning:

You could try Richmond Fontaine - The High Country album.

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Hi @Eric. Have you been able to replicate this behaviour in your setup?

Hi @anon55914447 ----- My apologies for the slow response and thank you for your patience. I had chance to discuss this behavior you are experiencing with my team yesterday and have some feedback from our developers.

In reference to the white noise you’re experiencing during playback. From what we have seen in the past, we believe that the behavior is related to an issue when audio data doesn’t make it to some part of the driver/hardware in time as Brian has pointed out here.

We believe we have found a solution to this issue and with the release of 1.3 closing in, this functionality should be approved upon.


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