Upsampling without an external DAC


I’m running roon server on my laptop and my endpoint is a Bluesound Pulse.

There’s no DAC connected. Is it possible to upsample?
Sorry, I’m a noob in this matter…


Sure, you can upsample to any format that the PULSE supports, so up to 192kHz.

There’s a DAC built into the Pulse. Looking at the Pulse’s specs, it seems like you could upsample up to as much as 192/24, if you wanted to.

Edit: Oops. Brian beat me to it.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

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But seems that there’s can’t find the dsp engine as stated in the manual… when I right click on the endpoint… which is the bluesound pulse, there’s only 2 selection…”device setup” and “disable”. When I click the device setup tab there’s no option for dsp engine… am I missing something?

On my Mac’s Roon software the DSP settings are behind the loudspeaker symbol.

Edit: … next to the DAC symbol on the down right corner.

Looks a bit different, but you first have to select your Bedroom zone with the Bluesound Pulse. Only after this is active you can fiddle around with the DSP settings. After activating there’s a little DAC symbol with the DAC’s name next to the loudspeaker symbol.

That’s how it looks with my Mac:

But my set-up is a bit different. I’m running the Roon Server on a NAS and the pictures show the Roon software for Mac’s.

I don’t think you can get to the DSP settings using the iPhone app. You’ll need to use an iPad or other tablet or a MacOS or Windows computer for this purpose. (Once you configure the DSP, using the iPhone remote won’t disrupt the DSP settings.)

That works! Time to upsample my lower res music😁Thanks guys!