Upsampling yes or not?

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS220+ DSM 7

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge CNX v2>coaxial>Chord Qtest>analogic>Denon AVR7200WA

Description of Issue

Hi, I’m a newbie and I don’t understand something about upsampling. In Roon, the configuration DSP>sample rate conversion of my device CNX is ‘disabled’. But the path says ‘88.2kHz to 384kHz’. What does this mean ? Thanks in advance for explanation.

If Roon DSP is not set to upsample, it means your Cambridge is. Looks like it’s upsampling to max rate of 384kHz.

Reading available info on the net would have answered your question…

I think your avr converts analog back to digital and resamples everything to 48k if you use audyssey, for whatever that’s worth.

Thought I read somewhere that the CXN upsamples everything to 384.
Which is what your signal path shows, its after the CXN, its not Roon upsampling.

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Yes, you did. Two post up.

Thanks Jim. I agree, but the fact is that my Chord gets 88,2kHz (according the color of the led and I trust it).

Can’t answer that unless the Chord is set for that. IDK. I just answered your original question.

Thanks SJBubba. On the AVR, I only use the Pure direct mode (passtrough) for music. Otherwise, the DSP of the AVR will change all the sound, you’re right.

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You can trust Chord’s LEDs, since the Cambridge’s digital out isn’t upsampled (only analog out is!) and you’re not taking advantage of it’s “unique ATF2 technology”…
S/PDIF coax can’t handle anything beyond 192kHz, optical beyond 96kHz, anyway.

Thanks Marin. That’s it:

  • upsampling 88.2kHz to 384kHz only works on CNX’s analog output.
  • the coaxial output is passthrough (no upsampling). It’s fine. It’s what I want to use the capabilities of the Chord DAC as purely as possible.
  • Roon does not know which output is used on the CXN. It only shows a theoretical rate.

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