Uptone ISO regen

Eagerly awaiting this new product from Uptone Audio.

Provides galvanic isolation between computer and DAC plus an uber Regen with much better clock amongst other things.

Hoping this will mean optimal Roon sound quality can be achieved without the need for an NAA/Streamer…

agree…still trying to understand it’s purpose in my system.
using laptop as ‘‘nas’’ for tidal hifi, ripped cds…have the microrendu and ultracaps powersupply.
thought the mr and ultracaps already provided pollution free electricity/signals to the DAC
using various DACS…ifi micro idsd, dragonfly red, or chord mojo

I am happy to report here that the ISO Regen I just received rocks!

Bought the one with LPS-1 combo.

Very skeptical at first, as my chain was already top notch, but I thought I’d try, simply because I value Uptone as a company. Oh boy was I wrong! ISO adds another dimension to my system, truly enhancing my music listening experience (detail, depth, timber, and clarity).

Here is my chain:

Roon Optimized Core Kit on NUC7i5BNH —> microRendu (powered by sBooster) --> Uptone ISO Regen (powered by LPS-1) —> Singxer SU-1 (powered by LPS-1) --> i2s --> Holo Spring L3 KTE --> iFi iCan Pro --> Focal Utopia

Happy camper! Highly recommend ISO Regen!


Is that one or two LPS-1s?

Two LPS-1s. Keep the devices separate current paths

This is really cool to hear! Mine is on order… Just have to wait till end of August.

Yes indeed. You will be on for a treat!

I am not that eloquent on my “reviews”, but plenty of detailed, thorough reviews here:

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