uR: Roon only shows up to DSD128 in audio configuration

Hi all! I’m a new uR owner and began my Roon trial yesterday. I have the uR feeding an LKS MH-D004 DAC. Both the uR and the LKS are supposed to handle DSD up to 512 via DoP in addition to native DSD at lower levels. However, in the Roon audio configuration settings I only have the option to convert PCM to DSD 64 or 128. I’m looking for help getting DSD512 output.

I downloaded and installed the LKS’es Amanero USB drivers on my Roon core, which is a liquid-cooled Core i7 6700k with 16GB RAM. I’m not sure why I installed them - it seems like the drivers, if needed, would need to be installed on the uR, but I do not know how to do that.

Here is a diagram of my setup:

Roon core (i7 6700k playing music on internal HDD) —>via ethernet to ASUS RT-AC1900P —> via ethernet to ultraRendu —> via generic USB cable to LKS DAC —> via XLR to SMc Audio VRE-1C —> via XLR to SMc Audio DNA125.

Thanks for your advice!

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Post a complete image of Apps / DAC Diagnostics here.

Hm. Doesn’t give a lot of detail, but I hope it’s useful to you. Thanks for your help!

Jesus, thanks for your note. Diagnostics with unit in stopped and in playing statuses posted. Thanks!

Everything seems correct and DSD128 via DoP is what is supported on Linux. The same would apply to OS X. The custom drive only works on Windows.

Thanks Jesus. I didn’t realize I couldn’t get DSD256 or 512 without Windows. Fortunately, I have no desire to change anything out right now becase the sound with Roon adjustments is phenomenal.