URL Live Radio Add Station via URL search Not Working

Have saved live radio station on my phone (android). Trying again to add same radio stations (various) as trouble shooting since my friend iphone (ios) Roon add live station returns “Roon could not find a radio station at this url” message. I get the same message while trying to add already installed stations…


Hello @Jose_Colon, sorry for the delay in replying.

Are you aware that the 113.fm stations have changed their URLs?

See https://www.113.fm/post/we-ve-changed-a-few-things

You also linked Radio Swiss Jazz. I don’t see a problem with this station. Are you unable to stream it?

Hello BrianW,

Yes I am aware of 113.fm URL changes to a https address instead of http. I got no problem in my Roon since I had both

already configured. I am writing for a friend who installed Roon yesterday and is not able to install either.

I tried on my app to re install both and received the same message “Roon cold not find a radio stattion at this URL”

See attached pic…


No, that’s the url of the overarching website. Roon wants urls of individual stations, e.g. for Alt-X

PS I’ll add some of these to the main database when I get time.

Thanks a lot Brian!
Will greatly appreciate if you can give me actual url that needs to be imput…

The actual, since there are various .113fm stations, station I am looking for is this…
113.FM Watercolors
Los Angeles CA

Also Radio Swiss Jazz in the database would be appreciated!!

Hmm. Not listed on their site. However try

Radio Swiss Jazz is there. Can you not see it?

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