US to EU power conversion for Lumin T2, X1

Peter, thanks for clarifying that my T2 already covers voltages universally, which means I can move my T2 from US to Italy without a problem (apologies I posted the question in the wrong forum, rookie mistake).

But If I upgrade to an X1 here in the US and decide to take it to Italy a couple of years down the road, can Lumin change my power supply? Thanks for any ideas.

For Lumin models using external power supply, i.e. X1 / U1 / S1 / A1 / T1 you may purchase the power supply for a different voltage as a special request.

Although we cannot take back your original X1 power supply, you could sell it if desired. The buyer can purchase a special DC cable (different from the regular X1 DC cable) from us to use your X1 power supply with his/her Lumin U1 / S1 / A1 / T1 as a power supply upgrade.