Usability issues

How I use Roon 99% of the time: I select a Bookmark, then select Shuffle.
I then view the queue 99% of the time.

Here’s what I find tricky. There may be ways to do some of these things that I just haven’t found yet.

  1. When doing a selection please show how many tracks have been selected. This used to happen.
    Now when I shuffle there seems to be a 14 day/ 5000 track limit. But nothing seems to tell me for instance how many Fall songs I have.

  2. If there’s only one person using Roon please don’t show Added by Stuart for everything. I know I added it. This should make room to show more tracks in the queue.

  3. Please make removing something from the queue one click. Now I have to click the tiny … thing, then scroll down, then Remove from queue. Occasionally I don’t have to scroll down the next time I want to remove something else from the queue. But this assumes the app hasn’t crashed in the meantime. The app crashes about 100 times per day.

  4. Any chance of reducing crashes? The app crashes about 100 times more often than all other apps combined. On iPads and iPhone.

  5. Very often when returning to the app, the queue no longer shows. I have to select queue again.

Hi Stuart.

Your post seems to be of two minds. One a post for Feature Requests and the other half potential support issues. I would suggest taking the request sections out and making a new thread in the Feature Request section.

And then, we can move the rest to the Support section where Roon Support can help you with your crashes etc.