USB 3.0 Connection from Nucleus to QNAP TV-671 Does not work

Maybe not the solution you’re looking for, but a large SSD, either internal to your Nucleus or connected by USB solves that probem.

External drive, an internal drive is a lot more hassle.

I put a 1 TB SSD in my Nucleus and it’s no hassle at all. However, I only have 4 albums on it.

HI @George_O_Brien,

I agree that this sounds like it is the issue, you cannot connect your NAS via USB to the Nucleus, you would have to use it as a Network Storage device instead. This is not a limitation of the Nucleus, but rather the NAS model you have.

Any downside in the audio quality given that the NAS will stream the source file to the Nucleus? My nucleus has an HDMI connection to my receiver (if there is a loss in audio I bet only my dog would notice)


No, as long as your network speeds are gigabit, it should be fine.
See our Sound Quality Guide for factors to consider.

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