USB Attached to Rock not showing on iMac

Using a NUC with a USB HD attached. Roon plays fine and is playing from the NUC/HDD. But the drive is not showing on my Mac’s network drives. So, I cannot rip using DB Poweramp to the proper folder where all my Roon music lives.

I can see the ROCK on my browser and have rebooted it. No luck.


fixed using a force connect to IP address…

Note: Ripping is a time consuming process. Roon may start its music recognition prematurely (when a file is present but before the album/disc is completed) under this circumstances and therefore occasionally display wrong album information (for example).
I would advise to rip to a local folder not watched by Roon. There you can also check the files and their metadata before copying/moving them in one go to your Roon watched folder.

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