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Hi there,

I’ve just started using Roon and have an with USB audio output to a Cambridge CXN V2 streamer. I know the device is Roon Ready rather than supported, but I expected USB audio to work to allow hi res files to stream from my hard drive in 24/192 quality, and from Tidal MQA in 24/96 (I understand the full unfold not possible).

However, even though the USB audio appears to be enabled it does not output to the device… only Chromecast (at 16/44) and Airplay work. please help…

I like the interface and would like to keep Roon, but only if I can stream the hi-res files I have!


I don’t believe the CXN is Roon Ready–only Roon capable–which means AirPlay or ChromeCast if you want to display artwork. USB should work for you though but there are a few gotchas depending on the Roon Core/ Bridge.

Please provide a little more information about your setup. There are CXN users on the forum.

Check that the CXN is set to USB Audio class 2 mode (from the front panel audio settings). Also if you’re using windows I think you’ll need a driver.

Thanks for the replies. I am running the roon core on an iMac (late 2012, core i5) and have the usb output set to class 2 already. Although it appears the usb window is enabled in settings it does not play and will default to Chromecast (no artwork and limited stream detail) or airplay (16/44 output). I can see the usb audio in my computer settings output And even setting this as the default does not work…

I assume you’re running USB straight from the iMac to the CXN, and are not using a USB hub attached to the iMac? Have you checked the settings in the iMac’s Audio Midi setup menu? Have you digital pre-amp mode set to off or on in the CXN (volume control or fixed output)? Sorry if it sounds too obvious, but I take it you’ve rebooted everything and got the latest firmware on the CXN?

Yes, running USB straight from the mac to the CXN which has been set to USB Class 2 and has the latest firmware…the mac will output sound to the CXN directly, but not via roon, and only at an output of 96kHz…

Another thought, are you sure your 2012 vintage iMac supports 192Khz output?

There’s a long thread here:

Suggests may not be possible to get 192Khz from the CXN via Roon as the USB 2 implementation is broken. It should work with USB 1, but you’re limited to 96Khz.

That’s a very good point…I will do some digging and see if the problem is with the mac

HI @Jonathan_Byrne,

Are you seeing any local Mac audio devices? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio?

Hi. do you mean this?

I sure @dylan will confirm, but try disabling System Output and usb output under This Mac by clicking on the gear and choosing Disable. Then try again.

Thanks for your help. I’ve got the USB audio working by reverting to default settings, and am seeing 192KHz payback.
I have one more (probably stupid!) question. I can play hi res files directly from my mac using roon, but if I try to control the same files from an iphone or ipad (I had presumed had access to the mac and USB) I can only see 16/44 quality, presumably defaulting to airplay?

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When using the iPad or iPhone you are controlling music sent by the Core (your MacBook) so I suspect that you need to change the Zone on the iPhone or iPad to CXN USB audio. Click on the speaker icon (bottom right) and then Switch Zone.

Thanks- got it. Obviously I’m a bit slow on the uptake!

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No problem, pleased you got it sorted.

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