USB audio problem with PSAudio Directstream DAC

I mostly use my Mac mini Roon+Directstream DAC setup over PSAudio’s Bridge network card. That works just fine.

But whenever I try using the USB connection, the audio would start fine and and then after sometime it would stop. Almost feels like something hangs. I think the player strip at the bottom seems to indicate it is progressing, but no audio coming out. I would restart Roon and try it and same thing would happen.

Has anybody seen this? My version of MacOS is few released old because it is older Mac mini. I can post more details when I get home tonight. but I have been meaning to post this and I keep forgetting. It used to work fine at sometime I remember. But I am not sure when and what changed since then. The DAC is running the latest PSAudio Sunlight firmware.

Would appreciate any pointers


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Post in the support area it will be seen by roon staff there.

Detailed hardware and software running on the mini please



Mac mini server (Mid 2011)
Processor 2 GhZ Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3
Graphics Intel HD Grapics 3000 512 MB

It is running. High Sierra (can’t update to any newer version)

Thank you

2011 Mac cpu is under spec for roon officially supported spec is ivy bridge or better but how many tracks in your database?

While This might not be your issue, you maybe can try eliminating both of the connections to the PSAudio at the same time.

I have about 30K tracks. I will try disconnecting the network connection and see if that helps.

Thank you.