USB Audio switching from 2.0 to 1.0 [Solved]

I’m new to Roon and I’m using it on a Macbook Air to a Devialet 200. When I first setup Roon and the Devialet, the Devialet showed up as Devialet USB Audio 2.0. Everything played bit perfect for a while, but then it stopped and the Devialet showed up as Devialet USB Audio 1.0, and files are now played at whatever the max 1.0 sample rate is.

At first I thought it might be an El Capitan issue, but I reinstalled Yosemite and it happened again. I can get it back to 2.0 by unplugging and replugging the USB, but it eventually reverts back to 1.0.

I’m also using an ifi USB power supply, which I’ve removed, but I don’t think that is the cause of the issue.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?


The ifi is not the problem. It is still randomly switching to USB Audio 1.0. No idea what’s causing this but it is annoying.

Hi David,

I’m not a Mac user so no personal experience, sorry.

Do you get the same issue with other digital audio players ? If so, it might be a fault in the USB socket on the Air.

Let’s set some notifications for @mike and @vova to check in and see if it’s something they’ve seen before.

I think it may have been an El Capitan issue. I reinstalled El Capitan and it’s now at 10.11.1, and the issue has not reappeared. Fingers crossed it’s fixed.

Thanks David,

Pleased to hear its ok for now. I’ll mark this Solved so it doesn’t show as a current issue when the devs are browsing the forums. If you find any continuing issue please feel free to post again here or start a new thread.

I spoke too soon. The problem is back, but it’s not a Roon issue. I think it’s related to El Capitan. I’m going to try a fresh install and see if that makes a difference.

Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the reinstall.