USB Connection and Setting Up Pro-Ject Pre Box 2s

I am trying to get my audio setup to be able to try Roon.

On of the end points I am considering running Roon to my basement via a Pro-Ject Pre Box 2s. It seems like there are two alternative to get the signal to the Pro-Ject unit, either via ethernet (have a wall ethernet connection at the end point) or wifi. It appears that the best way to use the Pro-Ject unit is to connect via a USB connection since it does not have a ethernet connection. The alternative I came up with was to use a Raspberry Pi via wifi and then using the USB out on the Raspberry Pi hook the USB to the the USB in on the Pro-Ject unit. Any additional options you can suggest?

What software would you recommend to run the Raspberry Pi? Another question is if I use the Raspberry Pi will it be able to transmit MQA file to the Pro-Ject Unit? Does the Raspberry Pi have to have the ability translate the MQA?

Thanks very much for your help

I have my Pre Box S2 connected to a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra, so I’m not sure about the specifics of your questions, but I think what you need is Ropieee!

I am using Ropieee myself just as a display for the Pro-Ject endpoint and its dead simple to setup and use.

Pi 3B+, official 7 inch screen, official case. Add Ropieee and you have a streamer with display and local control (play, pause, etc). It will be MQA capable in so far as it will pass MQA on transparently. You can of course spend more for incrementally better results but the above works very well.

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Henry and David thanks for input. Was very helpful.

Henry- how much ram would your recommend for the RPI?

Thanks again for the help.

Dave are you happy with your Pre Box 2s?

Henry are you happy with your Pro-Ject Pre Box 2s?

Hi Greg, I have two Pi’s with screens and have used them with a number of DACs. But I don’t own a Pro-Ject pre.

Never used Pis. Can you recommend a screen? How does it hookup (HDMI) and is the screen touch screen or do you need a keyboard? How much RAM do you recommend on the PI? Thanks for your help.


Official seven inch screen
Hooks up via internal flat cable
Touch screen, no keyboard required
1 gig is fine on a Pi4, a Pi 3B+ is also OK.

Very happy!

Henry thanks for the input. I was very helpful. Greg

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