Usb connection keeps dropping

Setup is NAS 251+ has Roon Server. USB out to Hegel H390.Hegel USB shows up then drops out sporadically. No rhyme or reason. Plays through Airplay just fine. Gotta have the better resolution though. It does this whether through Tidal or Qobuz or my own Library. Changed cable and still did the same thing.

Hey Guy, check out some of our recommendations for troubleshooting audio dropouts in this article.

In this particular case it sounds like it could be hardware related. Maybe you can temporarily try a different Roon core and see if the dropping out persists?

USB cables go bad. Ethernet cables fail. Routers can be unreliable. Network switches fail. Hard drives fail. RAM goes bad. All of these things can cause problems for Roon. Some of the most vexing failures fall into this category. The general strategy for tracking down hardware failures is by isolating the failure to the smallest configuration possible.