USB DAC Auto Suspend delay time

I just set up my first RPi endpoint, and it’s fabulous. Really impressed with how easy it was!

I have a rather unique situation where my USB DAC (a Wavelength Cosecant V3) doesn’t have a power switch. It powers on automatically when the USB port is active.

USB auto suspend does the job, but the default 2 second suspend time is too short. Is there any way to configure it? Ideally I’d want it to be about 15 minutes (the DAC has a tubed output so the purpose is to prevent the tube from burning all day).


Digging up an old topic here but plus one for me on this feature request. i.e a configurable suspend time for USB Suspend timeout.

I will be using a device that detects the Toslink output on my DAC and creates a 12V Trigger for controlling the AMP connected to the DAC. I want to avoid the AMP shutting down each time I pause the music.

An option would be a short or long option, short being the default timeout and long being 15 minutes.

I’d be happy to test and feedback.