USB DAC for RopieeeXL

Hello to everyone
Although i consider myself an audio guy since ages and having played around with different kind of audio gear and audio software (runeaudio,volumio,moode etc) i think it’s time to make a step forward and have a taste of roon basically due to the fact that makes things look more beautiful.
So my setup is a NUC for ROCK on the server side and a pi4 (4gb) as a client running ropieee.
I like the idea of using a usb DAC and according to my budget (having read the working audio gear on ropieee site) i came up to the Topping DX7s .
This runs on 2xES9038Q2M mono design but there’s also the SMSL SU 9 (XMOS usb) which uses ES9038Pro and IMHO is the best budget DAC (for my taste). Any of the above will be used as a pre-amp for my Rotel RB1552 MKII

So does anybody have tried any of these configs (DACs)?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Yes, I’m running RoPieee on a Pi with USB out to a Topping D70 DAC, very happy with the set-up. I picked the D70 for two reasons; I liked having an integrated power supply, and I liked having balanced outputs to run to my amp. The DX7s is very similar, a little older, ESS chips instead of AKM, also including a headphone amplifier (which I didn’t need).

The SMSL also looks good to me.

Hi, I am using a pi3 with SMSL M500, and am very happy with the sound. If you are into it, this setup also supports MQA.

I’m using for two endpoints the Topping D70 and the DX7s.
Both supporting native DSD with ropieee.
Because I’ve a lot of endpoints and many different DACs I’ll say, that’s really hard to find differences in the SQ…

Get whichever DAC has the feature set/UI that best suits your needs. That is what will result in the most satisfaction over time.