USB DAC not found / art work missing

Roon Core Machine

First time install of Roon on Windows 11 PC as nucleus. Roon does not identify any sound output devices on the PC (e.g. speaker, connected USB DAC/Schiit Modi). I tried switching off firewall, and followed many other tips as contained in this forum to no avail. Therefore, I cannot listen to music on the PC using Roon (it works well the normal way via Qobuz, etc).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No VPN, Ethernet internet. Windows firewall off, no antivirus software. Networked devices are recognized by Roon, just not those built into or connected directly to the PC via USB.

Connected Audio Devices

USB DAC Schiit Modi Multibit.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I got almost the same DAC here, Schiit Modi Uber, not recognized anymore within Roon, cannot listen to music anymore. ( running latest build 1169 )

Core running on Qnap

DAC connected to laptop running Windows 10

Update: I removed Roon using the Windows 11 uninstall tool, and then rebooted the PC, downloaded Roon again and installed it. Modi was still not found. I rebooted the PC again, and both Modi and the missing art work suddenly appeared, and are there since. I have no idea what solved it, perhaps worth some uninstall/reboot/install/reboot loops.
I noticed though that the Modi sometimes ‘randomly’ disappears from the sound device list (System>Sound) in Windows, or some other sound device is selected instead. I would make sure that at the time of Roon install & reboot the Modi is actually selected as Sound Output in Windows System > Sound.
Hope that helps.

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