USB DAC on Ropiee : Device not found"

I’m at the begining of a 30 Days free Trial and I’m trying to stream music to a Raspberry Pi running RopieeeXI with an USB HIFACE M2tech DAC attached to. The device runs perfectly well as a DLNA Player or a Airplay from varied others applications.
My Roon Core is running on Synology NAS DS415+, and it is able to stream music to the raspberry but ONLY over Airplay. The Hiface is detected but with a “device not found” status. See attached file. I have no more idea on how work around this issue ; I have tried to reboot/restard every piece of involved harware, but the issue is still there. Could’ you help ??

Disable the Salon AirPlay option. You don’t need both.

Thx alot. I will do that.

Hi @Christian_BLANC,

Welcome to the forum. Do you by any chance have “Open vSwitch” turned on in your Synology settings? This setting and other firewalls can sometimes cause the behavior you’re seeing, I would double check this since I’m not seeing anything under the “Connected to Core” section.

There is no Open v Switch in my NAS, and its firewall is OFF. For now, everything is working ; I think that another streaming in my home app was attempting to “own” the device creating a kind of conflict with roon server. I have turned this “parasitic” app to stream on Chromecast and, I’m crossing my fingers, its working.

Thx for your answer.

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Hi @Christian_BLANC,

Thanks for the update and glad to hear that things are now working! If you have any further issue do feel free to let us know.

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