USB DAC problems

I was happily using Ropieee XL to drive both the DAC in a Parasound amp and some Nuraphone headphones (these can be USB connected and have their own DAC). I could even run both at the same time by grouping them in Roon. Suddenly, things started going wrong. This may have been after a Ropieee reboot, but I’m not sure.

First, the Nuraphones stopped working. Roon could see them, and looked like it was happily playing to them, but no sound. Then Ropiee seemed to start rebooting whenever I went to the web interface, so I reflashed.

After the reflash, the Nuraphones still don’t work. Feedback 62a074e0d6f1a6be.

In addition, now when I play to the Parasound, everything works, but the display says “Zone Not Found”, and won’t display what’s actually playing. Feedback 15ab4a64e69f7d9f.

Appreciate any help…

Solved the second problem - mismatch between the zone name in Ropieee and the device name in Roon after the reflash.
Found something interesting with the first problem. It depends on the format of the file. A 44/16 file doesn’t get any sound, but something like a Tidal MQA file does. Connecting the Nurasounds directly to my iMac via USB works fine with Roon. This could be something to do with the way Roon sees the device’s capabilities when connected via Ropieee.


Looking from the logs everything seems ok. The Nura can only do 44.1 and 48k. Are you sure there isn’t a Roon setting overruling these limits (dsp)?

I can’t see anything in particular. Here are a few screen shots. In order:

  1. Device setup characteristics when connected to Ropieee.
  2. Signal path playing a 16/44 file (no audio).
  3. Signal path playing an MQA file (works).
  4. Signal path playing a 24/192 file (works).
  5. Device setup characteristics when connected to iMac.
  6. Second part of number 5.
  7. Signal path playing a 16/44 file (works).
  8. Signal path playing a 24/192 file (works).

Very strange…

Any thoughts on the above Harry?

No, seems all ok. I think the next step is asking the Roon support team to have a look: they can look more closely in the RAAT logs to see if there’ something going on.

Oh. One more thing. In the situation that it doesn’t work: what actually happens? Progress bar is moving etc? So everything seems ok, but there’s just no sound?

Correct - progress bar moves, but no sound with a 44/16 file (but only on the Pi). I’ll post to a Roon section and see what they can turn up. Thanks for the help.