USB DAC Vanished?

Hi all. Hi Harry.

Nothing touched or changed other than regular updates to RoPieee and the last update to Roon a few months ago.

Now I cannot see my endpoint even though it did work 100% before. Not sure this is a RoPieee issue (unlikely) or something has changed in Roon (likely!). All connections good and my DAC confirms a locked connection over USB.

Audio settings in Roon do not show my DAC which it did before. Sigh!

For note, diagnostic submitted with 7c0bc52378933ee8.



You might try unplugging the power to your Raspberry Pi and plug it back in after a minute or so.

Hi Jim.

Did a complete power cycle on all - both the Roon Server and the Pi. DAC too. Everyone is fresh.

Via SSH, I see ALSA is showing the DAC so…


Futher to this, using another SD card and with an install of DietPi and RoonBridge, Roon does see the DAC and works fine. Now something with the latest/later versions of RoPieee?


From the logs I see that the RAAT client is not able to discover the server.
What the reason for that is, is unclear. Could be a network issue.

I suggest you reflash.


That was my thought. Reflashing…