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How do I transfer my music folder from a USB storage device connected to Roon Nucleus to the Roon nucleus formatted storage card? How do I drag and drop it or copy and paste it to the nucleus storage?

I use an iPad Pro as a remote

Please see this thread:

Same here. I am still waiting for guidance. I am sure it is a simple process but I just cannot figure it out.

Do you have a pc or Mac?

Connect the external HD to your PC/laptop (Windows or MacOS) and use the network to copy the files over to the Nucleus+.

Please make sure to format the drive before you copy any music over (Nucleus Internal Storage).

The nucleus if=s formatted. Using an iPad as remote. Music stored in a USB device connected to Roon Nucleus. Just want to move it over to the SSD card on Roon Nucleus.

Please can you clarify something? What, precisely, do you mean by the “SSD card” on the Roon Nucleus? Do you mean the M.2 SSD Card in the Nucleus that holds the Roon operating system and the Roon software?

Because if you do, then this cannot be used to store music files on it. You have to have an additional, separate, storage device installed in your Nucleus as mentioned in @BlackJack’s post.

Just pointed you to instructions about how it’s done. Maybe you should be more specific about why this doesn’t work for you so people that are willing to help you don’t have to guess what your problem might be.

It can’t be done in Roon (the program/app) itself afaik. Maybe an iPad user can tell if there exists an App that allows arbitrary share access. If not, your lost by having only an iPad.

The SSD card is the 2TB storage drive installed after purchase of the Roon Nucleus. The drive is formatted by Roon Nucleus to store music files. The iPad Roon app shows all the drives. Just cannot move them over.

Roon is a music player app not a file manager.

Hi Ravi,

In order to do the copy you want, you’ll need another computer to use to access the Nucleus.

Do you have a pc or Mac computer?

Cheers, Greg

I have intalled the roon app on a Windows surface pc as well now. What do I do next?

Hi Ravi,

Actually, having Roon on the Surface PC isn’t necessary for this procedure, although you may want to use it as a remote in the future.

What you’re trying to do is use the PC to view the storage location over your network (network share).

Check here for more info on copying to the internal storage.

I haven’t used Windows in years, but you’ll want to use a File Explorer in Windows and type in the location in the link. In this case, you probably want to use to get to the internal storage:


Plug the drive with the music into the PC and open a window to view the music.

Then drag and drop it to the internal storage of the nucleus. Depending on how much music you have, it could take a long time to copy.

Others may want to jump in to help in case I missed something.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg!

It worked. I guess my plan to use Roon Nucleus with an iPad alone was a failure. I will need a real PC or Mac for managing the storage on the drive on Nucleus.

The. Files are moving Slowly but surely from the USB drive on my computer to the Nucleus.

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Hi Ravi,

Glad you got it sorted. The iPad is a great remote to use. It’s what I use most of the time.

If you are planning to purchase more music, then you will need to use the Surface PC, otherwise the iPad will be great for day to day listening.

Cheers, Greg

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