USB drive previously used for backup is no longer recognized by Roon

I have the same problem with a usb drive that I previously backed up my nucleus plus with using windows 8 but now is not recognized when I use the backup feature in Roon

Hello @Norman_Spector,

Thanks for sharing you’re experiencing a similar issue. We’d love to help.

I wonder if the issue might not lie with the Windows OS on your machine - Roon now requires Windows 10 or higher:

Does your Windows machine see the USB drive outside of Roon?

I also experienced some backup destination disappareances this morning.

If you address the directory from Windows, but not from Roon, you can try the following.

Go to Settings - Backup - Scheduled Backups - View
Click on the 3 Vertical Dots of the backup not reachable anymore.
Write down the backup path to your usb backup location
Click Edit - Delete (your actual backup files remain available, you are not removing anything from your backup disc, only the reference in Roon).
Click on Add to make a new schedule, and provide the same path (as the deleted one) to Roon again.
This way I was able to retore access to my backup location (although I had to try it twice!?)

Thank you Rebeka: My problem is slightly different in that I hoped to add an second USB drive as a backup. The backup to my NAS where my music resides is working.

I believe the previous advice re. Windows 10 is in the right direction but I have not been successful after hours of trying to resolve. The USB drive is connected to the same PC as my Roon application, it is Shared and, I believe, the network settings correct for file/print sharing. However, none of the other PCs on the network can see that drive. (They do all see the ethernet connected NAS). One thing that puzzles me is that on the other PCs, all they see is the “media server” for the PC - not the actual PC.

This leads me to believe that it is an issue with my settings versus a Roon issue. If you have any insights, they would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Craig

What brand of NAS do you have?

I have an USB-drive connected to my NAS, which I use to:
a) backup my NAS
b) make a seperate backup of Roon

Maybe you are able to set it up in a similar way


Thanks for your reply Rebeka

I’m now on Windows 10; backup was working fine on Windows 8

I finally gave up and decided to save a second backup on a second NAS and all is now well


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