USB Ethernet Bridge Suggestion

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My configuration is as follows:

NUC+Ubuntu+Core -Ethernet-> Allo USBridge+DietPi -USB-> SU-1 -I2S-> Holo Spring KTE 3

Originally I had Ethernet-> microRendu+LPS-1-> USB -> Holo Spring KTE 3, but then I read very careful reviews that reported that I2S was a significantly better input for this DAC, so I got an SU-1, and indeed the improvement was noticeable. That also allowed me to replace the more expensive microRendu+LPS-1 combo with the much cheaper USBridge without loss of quality. Since then, I read that the Spring KTE 3 now comes with an upgraded USB receiver that reduces the gap between USB and I2S.

There are two possible reasons for the difference between (old) USB and I2S. First, with I2S, the SU-1 clocks are used to time the digital signal instead of the DAC’s internal ones. Second, USB receivers are a common source of electrical noise leakage into the DAC’s delicate digital-to-analog conversion circuitry. Tim at Kitsune posted somewhere (can’t remember where) a recent message detailing the various improvements in this area for the current Spring KTE-3, he’d be the right person to ask whether an SU-1 would be as worthy an accessory now as it was for the original Spring KTE 3.

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PS. Just saw this that may help answer your question:


Thank you very much for your answer. In the meantime I did some more research and looks like the most opinions are in the favor of the I2S input. I’ve also changed some ideas with Tim and he recommended the SU-1.

What I really don’t like (and in the end this I believe it will be a no go for me) is the fact that i need a very complicated setup just to adapt to one specific type of input (power sources, power cables, usb cables, 3 more cases and so on).

I was looking at the Holo Spring as a “priced on this earth” digital solution but now looks like I need to almost double the investment in order to get the best sound quality form him, in which case a PS Direct Stream with Network Bridge II is starting to make more sense.

I’ll keep digging, I’m just at the beginning :slight_smile:


I run my Holo Spring Level 3 via i2s with a Matrix Audio X spdif 2 fed from an Allo USbridge, couldn’t be happier.

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For various reasons I’ve been focusing on resistor array multibit DACs (I own a Schiit Yggrdrasil, the Holo Spring, and a Soekris dac1541 for my three different systems), I’ve also enjoyed working out good sources for those systems (Auralic Aries for the Yggy, Allo USBridge>SU-1 for the Holo Spring, a standalone RPi with a Pi 2 Designs 502DAC S/PDIF source for the dac1541). Not the most efficient use of my time, but I learned a lot in the process. But from all I’ve read, I doubt I would find much fault with the PS Direct Stream if I had gone that way.


Well I just started my digital (file based) adventure and am not very optimistic. Looks like the amount of time needed just to comprehend the basics and do the theoretical research it’s quite huge. I don’t even want to think how much fun I’ll have when I’ll start (if) to try this DAC and that whatever for real. And I’m definitely more inclined to the music listening part that to the learning part…


Thanks for the idea.

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Like you, I care for good music listening more than for the technicalities, but all my professional life is about digital technology, software, and related math, so I find it easy (and tempting) to get into the details. The system that @Ratbert recommended is very similar to the one I have, with the only difference of a Matrix Audio USB>I2S converter instead of the SU-1. The price is pretty similar too, and from the many reviews and comparisons I read over the last couple of years, either would be a good choice; I doubt that I could hear the difference between them, if any. OTOH, an integrated unit like the PS Direct Stream you mentioned would simplify your choices and would be unlikely to disappoint you. Also, it would be probably easier to find a dealer where to listen to it than with the Holo Spring that you’d have to buy without listening. I started in my digital audio explorations with equipment I could listen to at dealers until I was sufficiently confident in what I was listening for that I could venture out into more exotic gear.


Well, the profession works the other way for me, I deal with computers and software all the day, so in the evening I just want to relax and just listening to the music instead of dealing even more with the technology.

The only thing that I find exotic (again, theoretically because I didn’t have the chance yet to actually hear one) about Holo Spring Level 3 is the fact that almost nobody seams to be 100% satisfied with this DAC as it is and in order to get the best SQ from him, which apparently lives in the i2s input you’ll need the Singxer SU-1 or even better the KTE SU-1 (if you go with the KTS Spring make sense to be at the same level with the SU-1). I may be wrong but from what I understood has something to do with the clock which makes me wonder (uneducated) why they didn’t make a Spring version with the best clock solution, an upgrade which makes more sense (again in my uneducated opinion) then a manually build silver wire transformer… But (as Jeff from Holo Audio likes to say) “Time will tell” and I decided to wait to see what else they’ll came up with (the May DAC and probably a new version of Level 3 if I’m correct). The fact that I can’t listen the Spring before buying (and even after, the 10 days period from Kitsune may not be enough) it’s also a no go.

Right now, at the “do your homework” level, the PS Audio has a lot more appealing for me (except for the money) so probably I’ll give him a try (a local dealer has a 60 days return policy) which is enough to decide if I like how it sounds or not. Unfortunately I’ll not have the possibility to compare with the Spring (and his mandatory associated equipment chain :slight_smile: )

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The ps audio doesn’t do dsd at above 64 on the network or 128 on the usb if I recall correctly. At least that was my experience with the DS Jr

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I’m reviving this topic with an additional question. I have been using the Allo DigiOne and it is fantastic and reliable as a ROON endpoint. Can it be used to stream wirelessly to speakers like the Bluesound Pulse which are supposed to be RAAT? I know the DigiOne can be connected to the network wirelessly (not optimal) but can it also act as a streamer?

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You don’t need them. I think I told you about how well the Pulse connects to Roon on our wireless network. I have a Devialet Phantom out in my shop and it connects to Roon via Airplay.
I had been using Roon > Devialet Dialog > SonicOrbiterSE>usb>spif>Phantom before Devialet became Roon certified. It was a HUGE pain. The problem there was the piece of junk Dialog and the glitchy Spark app. Once the Phantom became Roon Certified, goodbye Dialog and Spark. Hello Roon.

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Does Allo Bridge pass MQA without any problems to an MQA Dac? I use Roon

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Hi Scott, when you say the Phantoms became ‘Roon Certified’, what do you mean? Just that it works with via Airplay at 16/44.1, at the moment? Or RAAT works too?

I can’t see the Phantoms mentioned anywhere on this page:

I’ve been considering a pair of Phantom Golds but waiting for proper ‘Roon Ready’ status and Airplay 2 support (separate to Roon). I’ve been told that both are in the pipeline.

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Hi Sean,
My Devialet Phantom Silver works fine via Airplay. I can’t vouch for RAAT.
There is this:, where the Phantoms are listed as tested. But if I were buying the Golds, I’d also want to know they are capable of running at something better than Airplay alone.
I love the Phantom. It sounds great. But Spark and Dialog are really quirky, especially the Dialog. Devialet is also a bit dodgy with support.
Wish I could give you better news than that.

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Hi Scott

Thanks for the info. I did see that ‘Roon Tested’ you mention but it’s missing from the Roon Tested list on the KB, although that’s limited to Roon USB Tested it seems. So I can only assume it’s just Roon Airplay Tested?

Not too much of a big deal though, as I last heard they will be made Roon Ready anyway, like their integrateds. And Airplay 2 will come.

I’ll wait for Roon Ready + Airplay 2 + the upcoming v2.x version of Dirac Live before I pull the trigger on a pair of Golds for a 2 week home trial offered here by Devialet.

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