USB Extension - About 50 Feet

My Mac Mini is in the office. My listening room is in the Living Room.

Does any one have a tested solution to “no loss of audio quality” extention of the USB about 50 feet?

It has to be less than the cost of a new Mac Mini in the Living Room.


Assuming you are trying to connect Mac Mini to DAC. One option is the Corning USB cable. You may very well need a USB hub at the DAC end to power the Corning. It comes in minimum length of 10 meters (33 feet), next size up is 50 feet. They have them on Amazon. ~ $165 for the 50 foot one.

For more info on the Corning cable and use for audio purposes you could also view this thread.

Typically people would use some sort of bus-powered active circuitry so USB cables perform beyond the 5-meter limit. I’m wondering if that would work for this?

I’m hoping someone has already done this. If I have to be the Ginny Pig fine, but if not…

Corning cable does work, you will need a powered USB hub on the end that connects to the DAC.

So Computer to Corning to USB powered Hub to DAC.

Be mindful the Corning has a USB Type A male on one end and a USB Type A female on the other.

This hub should work, j5create mini hub, $25 to $35.

However while others have done this, please read this thread first!

It works but it was intended for USB peripherals such as powered USB drivers, printers, etc… It will work with a DAC and it has become a sort of audiophile favorite but not for the faint of heart.

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Why not for the faint of heart?

Well you have to make sure you have the correct adapters and a Hub to use it with. Otherwise it should work fine.

I haven’t tried this, but what about the usb->Ethernet adapters.

Haven’t tried any USB to ethernet adaptors.