USB External Drive not seen by ROCK


Running ROCK on i7 Gigabyte NUC. ROCK will not recognize my external USB drive. Not type C - just a 3.0 USB interface. A 3.0 memory stick in the same port is seen instantly by ROCK, but the 3 TB drive is not. Any possible suggestions? Really don’t want to use another OS as I love ROCK’s simplicity, but the external drive integration is a must…

Does the same drive/cable work on another machine? What is the format of the drive?

Do you know how the drive is formatted? According to this article only specific formats are supprted.


Drive and cable work on another machine with no issues. Drive is formatted NTFS, which - to my understanding - should be fine. This drive, although USB 3.0, does require external power… Could that be the issue?

Not familiar with your Gigabyte NUC or your USB drive so I don’t know how much power your drive needs or if your NUC can supply that much. Do you have an external power supply you can connect to the drive?


Sorry - should have clarified better - the USB drive does have an external power supply…

Hello @Derrick_Stasiuk,

What is the model/manufacturer of the external USB drive? Has adding power to it allowed it to show up in ROCK?



Adding power to the drive did not make any difference. I gave up and went with a different (smaller) drive, and it works fine. Strange though, as the drive works perfectly anywhere else.

Thanks for your help, @support !

Hi @Derrick_Stasiuk,

Thanks for letting us know. Just so we have this information for our records in case we want to review drive compatibility at a future time, can you let me know the model/manufacturer of the drive that wasn’t working?

I’m going to mark your case as solved but having this information would be useful to have.

– Noris

Can’t get the drive model any more as I have reinstalled it in a different machine. It was in fact a internal hard drive in an external USB 3.0 enclosure. The enclosure is a Mediasonic USB 3.0 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Enclosure.

Thanks for letting me know that info @Derrick_Stasiuk, I have noted it with the QA team if we perform any hard drive enclosure tests in the future to check for comparability with that model.

– Noris

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