USB FW Version update as per RoPieee web UI

@spockfish, hi Harry just curious about the warning that is shown when I select to update the Firmware as per the RoPieee Web UI see screen shot:

. This warning is putting me off implementing the FW update, I am not totally software/computer literate, so what could go wrong if I upgrade! All is running fine so not too sure what the update achieves, but I always like to keep Firmware as up-to-date as possible in case it affects future updates. Any advice welcome, many thanks in advance.


This message is a bit too strong. I need to ‘tone it down’ a bit.

Just hit the button. If it bricks I’ll own you a beer :wink:


Actually, most of us owe you a beer (or two), which is on my bucket list to achieve on my next trip to NL.