USB Hard Drive Directory

I recently got my SonicTransporter i5 fixed and re-inserted it int my system. Everything worked flawlessly, including Roon recognizing the hard drive and its contents. For a few days I was in sonic bliss. This morning, I couldn’t locate a certain album in my library When I investigated, Roon said there was no directory for the hard drive. So as far as Roon was concerned, the hard drive was empty. But when I checked “Artists” under Settings->My Library-> Artists, almost all of my albums showed up (there were a few that didn’t). Aren’t those contradictory “states” for Roon to decode? I am guessing my hard drive directory is corrupt. Is there an explanation for how this could be, and does anyone know how to repair or replace the directory so I can return to sonic bliss. Thank you in advance for your help.

HI Jacob,

Can you post a pic of the Settings/Storage page, so we can have a visual.

Sometimes when albums are Missing they are folded under Versions. Try setting the following option Settings/General Show Hidden and Tracks to YES and see if the missing albums appear.

So I shut the SonicTransporter down, waited a bit, and turned it back on. Suddenly, Roon decided to re-load the contents of my hard drive. I dont have faith that it will hold. Do you know if there is a way to fix the directory on the hard drive? Would using Disk Utility fix a corrupt directory or replace it with a functioning one?

And, just as quickly as 17,000 files got loaded, they disappeared quickly

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It could be the usb port is acting up on the Sonictransporter, or the USB on the drive, or the USB cable. You can try a different usb cable and see if that works. I’d also reach out to the sonic transporter tech support as they might be able to do diagnostics.

I literally just got the SonicTransporter i5 back from SGC last week. They replaced the module containing the two USB ports, along with the module that had the Operating System for the ST. I guess it’s possible that the USB port is defective, but it seems it would be unlikely. I’ll reach out to them anyway. Do you know anything about hard drive directories and how to fix a corrupted directory on a Mac? Thanks for helping me out!