USB Hub splitter possible?

I would like to connect my Roon Nucleus to both my Emotiva RMC-1 processor and Oppo HA-1 headphone amp using USB.
Right now the USB connections on the Nucleus are: one to an external hard-drive where my library is stored and the second to the RMC-1’s USB DAC connection.
I would like to leave the external HD/library connected (pretty much have to) but split the other Nucleus USB port to both components.
Is this possible? If so, is it possible to use a simple USB Y-connector or do I need a powered hub?

I have wondered the same thing, whether a hub could be used. I suspect it could but might degrade sound quality somewhat if using DAC connection through USB hub. I might like to use a CD ripper with my Nucleus+ but could only do that if the hub will work as I am connecting DAC direct over USB. Someone on here will have probably tried this or the Roon folks will weigh in…

Perhaps you could answer this.

Yes, you can usually add a hub per USB spec. What that does to sound quality and if it needs to be powered (some DACs require powered USB) I have no idea.

I got my usb hub a few days ago. I was still waiting for the HA-1 headphone amp, but tested it with the usb/dac input on my Emotiva RMC-1 from the nucleus> hub > RMC-1, and it worked great. It worked just as if the Nucleus had been directly plugged into the processor.
Yesterday I got the Oppo HA-1 and plugged it into the usb hub and tested it. It worked just as it should and sounded great to my 68 y.o. ears. The Nucleus into the Emo processor also worked and I tested both together (although there is no reason for me to do this in real life listening, just wanted to know) and they both worked fine.
I got the powered hub at Amazon and would link it, but it’s probably made at the same Chinese factory as most of the other hubs.
Bottom line is it works. @support

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