USB interface on streamer S2 ultra is dead

Win10 Intel I5 16gb ram

Usb connection between PC and Streamer S2

Hi, I reported this problem first time Jan 21 and received a couple of hints on where to look. None of them worked but I’m eternally grateful to you who took the time.

What I eventually ended up doing was returning the box to the vendor and got a new in return. For some reasons I did not get around to install it in my system until yester. (Move and pandemic) and got got it up and running on roon core os connection but I was back to silence when trying USB, both regular and detox. Could I have been so unlucky that I got my old box back. The company I bought it from has had a really bad year with illness and so forth. I am using the same USB cable as when I ran it native Pre Box S2 only so I think we rule that one out.
So dear geniuses has anyone else had a similar expirience since last time or do you have any fresh stones for me to turn?
Regards Martin

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Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

The only USB port of the S2 Stream box ultra to connect a DAC to is the left on the rear side clearly labelled “DAC”.

And to ask the obvious: In the Stream box’ menu there is no trace of the Pre Box DAC, right?

Factory reset already done?

Hi and thanks, everything looks and works fine except the USB2 and detox outlets.


Its the USB cable from my PC that carries Youtube and similar signals. /Martin

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