USB on Nucules+ series A

Just a few questions.

Going USB directly from Nucules+ series A into a Lamizator Amber 3 DAC.

  1. Is there preferred USB out to use (upper/lower)?
  2. Is there any galvanic isolation on a Nucules? If not is it needed?
  3. Would a linear power supply be recommended? Considering HP Plex 300w ( )

I have a Nucleus Rev B and use the lower USB port (but they are both the same to me). I’m using a JCAT USB Isolator (galvanic, reclocking, FPGA) and the sound is better. My Nucleus with SSD and filter only consumes 20 watts so my LPS would not suit your setup but 300 watts should certainly be enough IMO for any library scan or DSP needs and will help the sound quality.

Thanks John.

FYI only, the HD Plex has four PS out puts (one plug, 4 devices). The 19v for the Nucleus is 10A. The others will cover phono preamp and what ever else comes up…

I’ve got pretty much the system you describe.

  1. The USB ports both seem the same. No difference in sound.
  2. I did add a AQ Jitterbug just to see how it sounds and to my ears there was a very, very small improvement. So I kept it.
  3. I use an HD Plex but there was no perceptible difference in sound.

I did follow the link you posted and the HD Plex looks like a fine LPS. Someone told me that amps times voltage equals watts. That would make the 19v outlet have a total of 190 watts of power. My SBooster by comparison has 36 watts of power which is enough for the Nucleus but not the Nucleus+. Best of luck with the system change.

Thanks David & John!

Will be setting the system up for the first time so I really do not know what will ultimately make sense.

Based your folks comments will probably simply start as is and only add HD Plex and deal with isolating the USB if there is an obvious need. Can always find things to spend money on…

Ain’t that the truth :wink: