USB output: iphone vs ipad

Dear friends, I am using a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter to connect i-stuff to Dragonfly Red. I feed the output of Red to my hifi. The question is, will it make a difference if I use an old iPhone (SE 1st gen) or an iPad for this? Bits is bits, but, there can always be a catch…

I have no idea if it would matter. I can’t see how as bits is bits. But I learn new things all the time.
Let us know what you find?

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Will the Roon app run on that phone? IDK. Probably.

Oh, it does. That phone runs the same ios software as my iPhone 13. I just had the battery replaced for a second time. I use it as a music controller for MusicCast, Roon endpoint and Apple Music player :slight_smile:

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