Usb output to Anthem AVM60 processor

I have been listening via HDMI for a while. Nucleus HDMI connection to my processor. I wanted to use the USB output instead so I can watch a sporting event while listening to my music.
I bought the Schiit EITR and connected to the Nucleus output and used a Digital coax as input to my processor. No signal was available.
I assume the processor input is not compatible to the USB out of the Nucleus.
Is that correct?


Just to be sure: did you setup the Schiit EITR in Roon and then enable it? This would be under Settings, Audio (and the Schiit DAC needs to be powered on while doing this or it won’t show up).


You’re correct. Already fixed then went to edit my post and saw yours.
Cockpit error all the way!

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