USB output to DAC

I am considering buying a Nucleus in the very near future.
At this moment my Roon Core is on my iMac and that one is connected via ethernet to a USBridge which is connected to my DAC via USB-out of the USBridge.

In the new situation I want a more simple setup (devices and cables). I read that the Nucleus is also a computer (Intel NUC) and USB-computer outputs are very noisy. Is it an good/bad idea to connect the Nucleus to my DAC via one of its USB-ouputs?


Hi @Jan_Willem,

Our Sound Quality Knowledge Base Article provides some good suggestions in this area. You can use the USB output, but Ethernet is always preferred, so in this case I would suggest just replacing your iMac as the Core and leaving your USB DAC connected to the USBridge. But of course, if you don’t hear any difference to your ears, you can use whichever option you prefer.

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