USB port stopped recognizing Mark Levinson 585 after 3 years working ok

Roon Nucleus Plus has worked without problems for 3 years. Suddenly does not out recognize or output to the usb port that is direct connected to Mark Levinson No.585. Cannot select the Levinson anymore. Have rebooted Roon, changed USB cords nothing. Connected MacBook to Levinson using same USB input on the Levinson and everything works fine.

Have you tried plugging something else into that USB port on the Nucleus, to check if the problem is with the port?

Seems like I had that issue years ago between my NUC/ROCK and OPPO 205. Power cycling the NUC with the USB cable in place did not help. Tried removing the USB cable from the NUC, power cycling the NUC, then reconnecting the USB cable to the OPPO. That did work to get the connection back.

May not help but worth a try if you haven’t done that already.

I have tried so many combinations can’t keep track but I will try this for sure. Definitely a design flaw that probably could be corrected with firm ware patch. Thanks.

I use that same procedure to get the Ripping process working when it stops recognizing the CD player. This issue started for me after a Rock OS update. Lost the connection to the OPPO shortly after that. Power cycling the NUC without the USB cable plugged in has worked for me. Hope it does for you.

Finally got it to work. Thanks for the advice. In addition to booting the roon without USB connected also had to set up device but there was no Levinson No585 but was a No515?. Picked that as the default and it worked. Two days worth of fussing.

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