USB>>>SPDIF/AES Converter to use with Nucleus


I’m thinking about purchasing a Nucleus and need guidance/recommendations regarding USB to SPDIF/AES converters.

My understanding is that the Nucleus outputs a digital signal via its USB output. My Bel Canto DAC doesn’t accept a USB input. My DAC accepts spdif/AES/toslink. If I understand correctly I would need to purchase a USB>>SPDIF/AES converter.

My initial search for said products includes the Schitt Eitr (budget range), Berkeley Alpha USB (mid-range) and DCS Network bridge (high end)

Does anyone have recommendations with any these products? I will gladly consider other recommendations.



Singxer SU1 works well with Roon.

Others to consider:

… and to confuse you even more, I recommend you try a Matrix X-SPDIF 2. I use one in my system with a Snake River Boomslang digital cable, and the combo really sounds great. Opened up the soundstage into more of a cohesive, dynamic 3D holographic presentation compared when I was just using USB output to my DAC, and it even outperformed an ethernet to USB source, which surprised the heck outta me! I have it powered by an Uptone LPS1.2. (Sorry, I haven’t compared the Matrix to the other products mentioned here).

The only cable you need for the Chord Qutest is Van Damme 75ohm Plasma Coax Cable with a couple of gold-plated Neutrik BNC connectors (or a similar combination.)

Thanks for the suggestions gents. You brought several components to my attention that were not on my radar. I need to do some research and figure out the pros/cons of a USB converter vs a network bridge.

The ISO-SPDIF might be worth considering - it is different to all the others in that it has true USB isolation which makes a significant difference to the sound - I’m the manufacturer so I guess I’m biased but thought you might not know about this option unless I posted - you have a 30 day free home trial to make up your own mind

I have several of the Ciunas products and the sound quality is superb.

I also really appreciated that I was able to speak to the designer directly , something very rare in this day and age .

Thanks Tony for bringing the Ciunas products to my attention. Agreed that is quite nice to speak to the designer.