USB-SPDIF bridge

Hello friends.

My DAC Lynx Hilo USB do not support Roon Nucleus+. Please recommend me high quality USB-SPDIF bridge.

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The Mutec MC-3+ USB is a high-quality unit - capable of much more than USB-S/PDIF conversion - but not cheap.


Singxer SU-1. I have never owned one buy the people that do own them like them a lot. Less than $400.

Don’t laugh, but the Topping D10 works great for this.

That’s kind of surprising. Looking at the manual for the Hilo-USB, I’d think you could just connect it with a USB cable.

I think you’re after a USB Roon bridge, eg a Raspberry pi with Ropieee, rather than simply a usb to SPDIF bridge.

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I use this one:

Lynx Hilo doesn’t work with Linux.

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Is it works with Roon Nucleus+ ?

Audiophilleo could probably do the trick.
If you are based in Europe, I can offer you one at an extremely nice price
Audiophilleo 2 : 60€
Audiophilleo 1 : 90€
transport costs not included

disclaimer: couple of years ago, I have been a dealer of Audiophilleo and still have some (version 1) on my shelfs.
see also Audiophilleo website


If I was in the market for one I’d get this:

Bit of a Swiss Army knife for interfaces.


I haven’t tried the MC-3+ USB with a Roon Nucleus so can’t be sure, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t work. If you’re considering one, it’s worth getting in touch directly with Mutec - they are very responsive and helpful.

@evand’s suggestion of the Matrix converter would be close to the top of my list, too.

The Mutec USB works perfectly with Roon Nucleus, Audiolinux, Windows 10, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2016 Server, and Windows 2019 Server in my system. I have tried them all.

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I use ISO-SPDIF ( with microRendu. It works pretty nice but I am not sure if it works with Roon Nucleus+.

Is there any visible improvement in sound in conjunction with the Nucleus, and if so, how much strength?

I did not try Nucleus very long as I was looking for something that might run both Bridge and Core.

I eventually gave up on that and now use a NUC running AudioLinux for my Bridge. My server runs Windows 2016 with Audiophile Optimizer and with Roon Core as Windows shell. This beats everything else I have tried.

Hi, I am interested.

Audiolab M-DAC is small and works fine and you have an high end portable powerful Headphone Amp in addition. +/- 400 Euro.

Hej Dirk,
if you still have one item of your audiophileos left, I will take one!
Many thanks in advance.


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Sorry, all gone