USB Stick recognized and used as ram extension

Hello all…

I have to say that i am not a DIY’er but have a thought spinning arround in my head :smile: so i have to ask the professionals here. Did anyone had the idea to improve the ram of a server station for roon in the way that roon recognizes a plugged usb stick as endpoint and set it as ram extension ? Since a few server stations have “underpowered” ram. But most server stations running some derivated Linux maybe this can be done with a “mount as…” setting ? Or maybe this could be done even in Roon itself ? Could this be a feature request ? Just an idea … or forget it if it is nonsense :laughing:

USB is way too slow for this purpose, so overall performance would degrade. Moreover, flash drives are not designed with random read/ writes in mind and would eventually fail.

Ahh… ok. To bad it does not work.
Thanks for the Explanation :+1:

Any other way for ram improvement known ?

Question is: what do you mean by that. A NAS device? Some may technically support RAM upgrades even so the manufacturer didn’t design for it. Best thing probably is to check a device specific forum to see (read) if some tuning is possible.

Yes i mean a NAS device or Music Server with Roon implementation. The main reason was that it is not necessary then to buy a new expensive device only because of more 2gb or whatever more ram… I did the check but couldn’t find anything. I also asked the support of my device but no answer yet so my hope was that maybe the specialists here have an idea for something like this. Like the way with convenient amount roon Bridge as Alo or Pi …

Can you share the model number of your NAS?

@Martin_Webster I don’t use a NAS … it was just an idea and i wanted to talk about and if possible maybe it would be helpful for some users wich are only on a year try out or who do not want to spend much Money but would give roon a try. So i thought this is the right place here with the prof diy’ers/coders :smile:

By the way… the answer from my device support was, of course, “it is not possible” :grin:

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