USB to Ayre Codex from iMac

Roon bridge runs on an iMac on a Google MESH network, and outputs to an Ayre QX-5 digital hub via ethernet. Core runs on a MacMini and outputs to an ultraRendu via ethernet. I want to add a USB output from the iMac to an Ayre Codex for headphones. I need to be able to select which output from the iMac is active, ethernet or USB. I don’t recall how to add the Codex nor how to select it. I’m 84 and would rather not go through all the Roon stuff online.

Hi Don, fellow user here wanting to help. That sentence has me wondering exactly how you have things setup. The Ayre QX-5 is a Roon Ready device and as such just needs to be connected to the network via ethernet, nothing to do with RoonBridge. Roon Ready devices interact directly with the Roon Core which is your macMini. So, a bit confused on where the RoonBridge and iMac fits into that.

Maybe a screen picture of your Settings/Audio Devices page would help clarify.

Thanks for your reply, Daniel. I really don’t understand how Roon functions over network. I’ve suspected that the iMac upstairs serves the same purpose as the iPad does in the downstairs setup, i.e., runs the control app. Upstairs the setup is Ayre QX-5, KX-5 preamp, and VX-5 amp. Selecting play in the Roon interface on the iMac turns on the digital hub, and it turns on the preamp and amp through AyreLink. Downstairs the setup is ultraRendu, Ayre QB-9 DSD, and A7e integrated. An iPad controls Roon.

IIRC, before I got the QX-5 I connected UBS from the iMac to my Ayre DX5 DSD disc player for Roon, and it sounded good. I wonder if connecting USB from the iMac to the Ayre Codex will work. I’d need to turn off the QX-5, but that’s just a press of a button on the remote, Don’t know what the Roon endpoint would be.

The QX-5 and iMac upstairs and the MacMini and ultraRendu downstairs are connected to a string of Google MESH modules ultimately connected to the ethernet output of a router upstairs.



The Ayre Codex is now a device in the Roon Audio Settings on the iMac screen. Not sure how to select it if that’s needed. The other two devices on the screen, the Ayre QX-5 digital hub and the ultraRendu, are Roon ready and seem to be always able to play a selected file. The QX-5 plays files selected using the iMac; the ultraRendu plays files selected using the iPad – not sure how those pairings occurred.


Connecting USB from the iMac to the Ayre Codex resulted in no joy. I do have a spare microRendu and power supply that I could connect to the MESH module the iMac uses to connect to the ethernet. I know USB from that to the Codex can work, because it’s what I used in my secondary setup before I bought the used QX-9 DSD. Still not sure how to select it if selection is needed.


I hope I have your set up figured out correctly, and I am going to try and help. The Ayre Codex should become visible in the Audio section of Settings. You need to enable it by clicking on the Enable button. If that is already done, you can skip that part. Next, you need to select it as the Zone to play the music from. Down in the bottom right corner there should be a volume icon. Next to it should be an icon of whichever zone you are currently using. I circled this in the image. Click on that icon and a list of Zones should appear. The Arye Codex should be there. Click on the play button next to the Arye Codex and it should play music. It may play something different than what you are currently listening to, so you then have to go and select what you want to play. I hope I am on the right path. Please let me know if I am not and I will try to help further

AnD, the guidance you provided helped me understand how to select play from a particular device, but there is still is not audio from the Codex. I think I’ll try adding a spare microRendu to the MESH network with USB to the Codex. I’m pretty sure that will work. Thanks for the help.


Hello @Don_Bell, and thanks for your post! Glad you got some help here. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Well I am glad that I helped a little bit, but would still like to help you figure this out if you still want to. Adding the microRendu should work and hopefully it does. But so should running the Ayre Codex from the USB cable. If you get the Ayre Codex to work with the microRendu and want to leave it alone then that is fine. If you want to still figure out the USB to the Arye Codex issues then I am happy to help. It may just need some of its settings changed in Roon, such as if Roon or the Ayre Codex controls the volume, or possibly some settings having to do with upscaling or format conversion. That is usually what I need to change when changing zones. Anyway, I hope this gets figured out soon.

I’m using ethernet to the microRendu, USB to the Ayre Codex, and stereo cable to Audeze planars. It sounds very good, but I intend to install balanced cables from the Codex to the Audeze. I was pleased that selecting the microRendu does not turn on QX-5 and the AyreLinked preamp and amp. I’m a happy camper.


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